Birmingham, AL
February 1 - 4, 2018

Vendor Info


Each vendor must collect and remit 4% city taxes plus 4% state taxes on sales.  At the event, Todd will provide you with two envelopes.  You can pay by cash or checks (made out to City of Birmingham and State Of Alabama).  The envelopes must be filled with money, sealed, signed, and returned to Todd by Sunday 3:00pm.  You can guesstimate your final hour of sales so you can remit this on time.  Todd will deliver all the taxes to Birmingham City Hall and the Jefferson County Courthouse.

Loading Dock #4 (at the corner of 11th and 21st) is there for you to use for move-in and move-out. It's across the street from the Salvation Army.  But local police are determined it not be used as parking.  They are serious about this.  If a vehicle is spotted unattended for more than 5 minutes, I hear about it, and then I have to announce over the P.A. system.  Docks should remain vacant Friday midnight through Sunday 4:30pm.

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