Birmingham, AL
February 1 - 4, 2018


News for exhibitors.  Our occasional "BrickFair News" emails are culled directly from this page.

Jan 1st 2018

Schedule Posted

The initial schedule has been posted online.  As always, the schedule will change before the event.

UPDATE Jan. 10  All games are now scheduled online, including GBC Workshop.  You can now sign-up for all games.

Dec 31st 2017

GBC Beginners Workshop

NEWLY ADDED SEMINAR  Join in the fun of building Great Ball Contraption modules with your own custom kit - designed specially for BrickFair this year!

Selected builders will purchase the kit for $21 at the start of the session.  We'll do a group build together (with expert help) and at the end you'll have a working GBC module of your very own.  You may add your new module to the full GBC display for the public to see all weekend (you can collect it Sunday evening).

All exhibitors are welcome to watch the session, even if not building.  Our custom kit is a great value - it contains 211 parts including a motor and a soccer ball.  You can see the kit on display when you check-in or at the Bling Desk.

To get a kit, sign-up at the games page.  The kit cost $31 to pack, a $10 credit is paid by the estate of Bill Bourn.

Dec 30th 2017

LEGO Sets Timeline Collab

Wesley Higgins is arranging a collab featuring official LEGO sets of the past.  Wesley is bringing many of his personal sets which volunteers can help build.  And you're invited to bring your old sets too!

If bringing your own set(s), please register them to the LEGO Sets Timeline collab, and please use the following format: YEAR, THEME, SET #, SET NAME.  For example, "1988, Castle, 6085, Black Monarch Castle."  This will avoid people bringing duplicate sets.

This should make for a very neat display!

Sets should be 20+years-old, so 1998 or earlier.

Dec 30th 2017

Volunteers Needed

Hey gang!

We need game hosts, and pod staff, and 1-hour helpers.

That means YOU!  Earn a BrickFair shirt, or a few bucks, or a LEGO set.  And help make our event more fun for everyone :)

BrickFair accepts only registered exhibitors as volunteers, ages 18+.  Thank you.

Dec 28th 2017

Talladega Pace Car

The Talladega Superspeedway pace car will join us at BrickFair AL '18!  See it up close in all its gleaming glory.  During public hours Talladega will be giving away koozies, squeezy balls, magnets and frisbees :)