Chantilly, VA
August 1 - 5, 2018


News for exhibitors.  Our occasional "BrickFair News" emails are culled directly from this page.

Jul 11th 2018

Game Seating

Do you wanna play X game?  Are you confused by the 2 or 3 X listings?  Wanna increase your odds of being selected?

Each game/event has it's own absolutely individual sign-up list.  If you sign up for both versions of X you may be selected for both; if you sign up for only one you're limiting your chances to that one X and cannot be selected for the other.

Seating selections take place a week prior to the event.  You'll receive automated emails when you're selected and when you're chosen as alternate.  After seating selection is done, you can visit your account page GAMES tab and drop out of anything you wish - including games you've been seated at.  Clicking-out clears the seat so the server can choose another person. Of course you can always simply not show up to a game and the host will, on-site, choose from their alternate list or walk-ups.  But it's nicer to do this in advance so others can plan their itineraries too.

It's a bit complicated system, but most people will be seated in their #1 or #2 game choice.

Jul 9th 2018

Schedule Confusion

When considering your upcoming BrickFair trip, trust the hours listed at (JPG) over the game listings at (HTML).

The game sign-up page (HTML) has dates and times copied from last year's Virginia show.  The JPG schedule is our current schedule - currently being updated and honed.  When the schedule (JPG) is complete, we'll update the game listings (HTML) with the corrected times.  We'll do this before the server selects players, so the system will be up-to-date.  The system will not select a person for overlapping games.

Jul 8th 2018

Boat Race is Slalom Course

Important update to our Boat Race competition.  We previously neglected to state in the Boat Race game listing - the race is slalom style, where boats must steer through the course.

We apologize for this oversight and hope this doesn't affect entrants' ability to participate.  We'll see you at the pool!

Jul 2nd 2018

Website Upgrade Today

Today our website,, will shut down for maintenance.  The site should re-open later this evening - hosted by our new server.  And tomorrow, Tuesday, credit cards should hopefully be up and running again.

When credit cards are once again working, emails will go out to those with unpaid tickets and exhibitor registrations.

Do not be alarmed by our maintenance page; we'll be right back!  Thank you all very much for your patience.

Jul 1st 2018

Early Pay Discount

Due to our ongoing delays getting the website security updated the early-pay discount has been removed.  This means the registration fee is now $65, not $85, and there's no need for a discount.  The fee is $65 right up to BrickFair Friday.

Once again, I apologize for these delays.  Believe me I'm feeling the pain.  We are working to get the site migrated to a modern server and the credit card processor back up.


Reminder: registration payments are not accepted after BrickFair Friday.  We do not accept Saturday morning payments as we're super-busy attending to the public.